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Swan on Arno - by Donald
BIKE PAGE-read about most of our latest adventures here.

Watercolors by Mimi


I obtained my Italian citizenship, my right by birth. Read about it.

18 days in Italia. Read all about it.

The whole family goes to Italia together! September, 2003

Mimi goes to Sicilia by herself

Sersale, a small town in Calabria that stole our hearts

My Cats a beautiful hike

This is the Tree of the sky "Albero del Cielo" in a national forest in
Calabria, Italia called the Sila. This chestnut tree is over 300 years old.

My Story

    This is me in my turquoise tutu               And here I am with my father's guitar

I was born in Newark, New Jersey, to a couple of children of Italian immigrants who were also born in Newark, New Jersey.
When I was 18, I moved west, urged on by a sense of escape, adventure, and a longing to see the mountains.
In the summer of 1972 I met Donald and his brother David, who were 5th generation Oregonians. Little did I know at the time that I would actually become part of this family!  This is a photo of Donald's brother David; and Victor, Laurie, Debbie, Annie & Robin (whose mother is Chris, Donald and David's older sister) David suggested I take my camera to his house that morning; I had no idea what it was that he wanted me to photograph that morning! I just followed him out to this tent! and what a surprise!
Six years later, Donald and I "found" each other and got married. We had two sons Josiah, my older son, and Tom. Go here to read about Josiah's stage debut.

Mimi's Bass Page

Oct 98 JP Fraley's Workshop
Largo al Factotum  My favorite
tune in the whole world ever:

by Gioacchino Rossini
(Marty Weimer)

My Main Genealogy Page
Transcribed vital statistics for Italian towns
Boothby Surname Page
Sersale, my grandfather's home town
Vital Statistics for Sersale, a work in progress
Visit Atena Lucana Fressola Origin  
Fressola/Melino Photos
Melino Surname Page
Mickey Maffei's Recollections

DONALD Meet Donald my hubby
3 GUYS Look at Tom, Chris, & Jo!
TOM Okay, just look at Tom!
Marguerite My sister's web page
Carmen My mother's web page
Cousin Nick Maffei's Page

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